Forward Thinking Set Construction

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I first dove into the world of construction in 2003 and it wasn’t long before I realised that it was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Since then, I’ve worked as a carpenter, designer and manager with many clients on a wide range of projects, all of which push me to be more creative each time.

I know how important it is to be innovative when it comes to work, which is why I am constantly researching industry trends to stay at the forefront of the creative world. My quest for learning has led me to studying architecture which gives me the digital tools necessary to design and manage projects.

As a passionate, creative professional, I believe in putting my skills and innovation at the forefront of my work for all my clients to experience. The end result? Coming up with ideas that really impress.

If your looking for help with any stage of a project from design through to construction then get in touch!